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About Us

Panagia has a team of around 40 Expert Assessors across the UK. Every member of our Team is fully Qualified and Experienced in either Gas or Electricity Installations and indeed, most of them are Dual Fuel capable which means they are Qualified in both disciplines. Because of this, we can offer a ‘2 in 1’ Service which effectively reduces downtime, increases productivity and saves resources for all parties.

Currently we undertake around 2,500 Assessments per month and our main client is British Gas Smart Metering plus we also provide our Services to a number of other major Utility Companies in Partnership with Enterprise PLC.

The combination of our National coverage across overlapping Contracts and the Dual Fuel Capabilities of most of our Staff allows us to offer you an unrivalled cost effective Service.

With an Experienced Professional Team and unparalleled knowledge of Gas and Electrical Installations, Health & Safety Law and Customer Care Guidelines, Panagia provides you with the Peace of Mind that your Project is being completed Safely, Efficiently and in accordance with all current regulations at a very cost effective rate.