Quality Assurance Audits, Utilites Gas, Electric, Meters


Panagia provide Quality Assurance detailed Auditing Services for Domestic and Commercial Clients across the UK, ensuring the highest Standards of Gas and Electricity Installations. Although we are involved in a variety of Gas and Electricity Installation types, our main focus is in relation to Metering and of course Smart Metering.

Work In Progress Assessments

Panagia provide Assessments of an Individual or Team’s ability to carry out the Task Safely and we offer Support & Guidance (Mentoring) to your Operatives to ensure Safe Working Practices are adhered to and Customers are not unduly inconvenienced.

Post Completion Audits

Panagia’s Assessment of Completed Work is comprehensive and includes Customer Feedback as well as a thorough Technical Audit of the Standard of work carried out.

Reporting Mechanism

Our stringent Reporting Structures ensure that any Potential or High Risk issue is dealt with in real time from On Site. This is followed up with a written report and photographs to verify the issues.

In addition, we provide our Clients with access to a Bespoke IT System allowing full visibility of each individual Audit or Assessment. A diverse range of Management Information Reports are readily available and provided regularly to allow you to monitor the Individual and Collective Performance of your Installation Engineers.

Our Reports provide a detailed record of specific Data collected and they allow for accurate Trend Analysis to be conducted. The details provided are thorough and can be used to identify specific Risks to your Business.

Integrated Management

The Directors at Panagia firmly believe in collaboration with our Clients at all levels. We have a Lead Assessor appointed to each Region who will be available to meet with your Regional Management Teams and all of our Assessors have access to a comprehensive Library of Training Materials which they will be willing to share with your Installation Engineers on a Local basis.

Whilst we retain an Independent Status, our philosophy is to ensure that our Staff integrates fully with yours and together we will become a team and together, we will work to a single aim with shared goals.

As approx 80% of our Staff are Dual Fuel Qualified and we are already operating on a National basis, our comprehensive Services are highly professional yet very Cost Effective.

Contact Panagia today to find out more about how we can assist you to improve your Gas and Electrical Installation Services provision to your Customers.